Carolyn Sullivan


Personally, going through a high conflict custody battle is the closest I’ve come to breaking physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.  The vulnerability during a custody, divorce battle has the potential to strip you to the core. My motivation for becoming a Life Strategist is with the hope I can inspire people through very rough terrain and share the knowledge of perseverance through feelings of failure and fear, not to mention anger.  You and your children can come through with grace, dignity and a solid plan to empower yourself and your children. No doubt there are not black and white answers in most instances and my intention is strictly to inform based on my experience. Having a trustworthy ally with an objective view hopefully will illuminate possible options and solutions.

"You and your children can come through with grace"


Carolyn Sullivan has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern Methodist University in Psychology. She has Advanced  Graduate Studies in Domestic Dispute Resolution and Advanced Graduate Studies in Dispute Resolution.

Productive Shift

  • Define the issues and identify problems
  • Recognize key questions
  • Pros and cons in relationship
  • Pre-nup, Post nup in your best interest
  • Healthy boundaries and goal setting
  • Sharpen focus and intentions
  • Establish allies in what at times can feel like war


  • Hiring the right attorney for you
  • Finances
  • Identifying pertinent information
  • Best forms of communication
  • Forensic accountants
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration


I cannot emphasize enough that you must define the problem as lucidly as possible and work on your areas of weakness.  Become so comfortable with your own shortcomings and make every effort to grasp how you can grow into the most able, understanding parent you can be.  Calm emotions and work on tools to bring logic, peace, clarity and a conciliatory attitude, at least from your side to a very difficult process.

  • Establish which facilitators might be helpful or necessary
  • Counselors, testifying counselors, parenting coordinators, litigation specialist, coaches, doctors, teachers.
  • Parental Alienation:  Identifying and eliminating
  • Court ordered social study